Do you know what belongings of prophets are with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and he brings them 

? with him after the Reappearance

1-The casket of Adam, 2-The adz and other carpentry tools of Noah, 3-The collection of Ibrahim (Abraham), 4-The stick of Moses, 5-The stone of Moses, 6-The Torah of Moses, 7-The Tablets of Moses, 8-The casket of Moses, 9-The Gospel of Jesus, 10-The packsaddle used by Jesus, 11-The measure of Joseph, 12-The shirt of Joseph, 13-The crown of Solomon, 14-The ring of Solomon, 15-The measure of Shuaib, 16-The mirror of Shuaib, 17-The armor of David, 18-The patrimony of Hud and Saleh, 19-The shirt of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 20-The armor of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 21-The ring of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 22-The stick of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 23-The Zulfiqar sword, 24-The Mus'haf of Imam Ali(PBUH) (The Quran that is collected by Imam Ali), 25-The special treaty of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 26-The heritage of all prophets 

and all other divine books

 The Awaited Mahdi, p. 46 & 47

 Mu'jam al-Ahadith Imam Mahdi, vol. 3