Throughout history, in order to survive the catastrophes, people were waiting for a "savior"! Like Noah who saved people from drowning in a storm! Saving Lot from the city full of lustful people! Saving the Israelites from Pharaohs

Therefore, due to this, God removed people with lustful life off the history; those who rejected Noah were destroyed! People of Sodom (Lut’s Tribe) were burned by the lightning! And also the drowning of Pharaohs in the Nile

Therefore this whine of those who wait for a savior “Where is the destroyer of the buildings of hypocrisy and blasphemy? ” has a Quranic root

Sura/Verse: ash-shu`araa' (The Poets) 169, Yoonus 73, al-Anbiyaa' (The Prophets) 71, al-Baqarah (The Cow) 49