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Fashion Victim

The extension of modernity in West and its gradual or sometimes hasty spread all over the world caused the culture of modernization and innovations institutionalize in social values. This influences on all aspects of human life little by little, from type of clothing to common people’s literature. This characteristic of modernism was followed by a new territory which is interpreted as fashion victim

Western societies have been the motherland and the manifestation of modernity and modernism. The process of modernization and spreading new plans and fashions are being done by West orientating and westernization in other places such as third world countries especially those countries which are religious. So nowadays we should say fashion victim is one of the most primary ways to implant western life style in human through the media industry and propaganda

The important point is this that the scale of the promotion and normalization of fashion has been spread in such a way which fashion victim has become not only an inseparable part of modern human’s life, but also has produced a huge income for those who involved in this industry. This industry has become so powerful whose fashion designers not only are effective on their followers’ manner by propaganda and make them to follow their products, but also they have earned billions of dollars and even have influenced on global macro policy

Now we show an example to illustrate how people’s manner is changed and adapted by the patterns which actives produce in this industry, and consider the depth of the influence of media on promotion of fashion and fashion victim

Studies shows that 1960s is considered as a period which the standards of fashion victims evolved fundamentally. In this period Barbie doll was introduced as the symbol of fashion victim and a pattern for young girls in the world. Unfortunately this doll which has become a popular toy all over the world is made based on the characteristic, the body, and the face of a German slut

Regarding to the standards of this doll and the long term effect on the children who played with this seemingly toy, Hollywood gradually started to use those famous super stars that were look like to the doll in order to promote new luxury life style. This process continued so far which the beauty was defined according to what Hollywood had introduced. Hollywood was deciding who is beautiful or ugly through the standard life style which introduced to the world, while this beauty was different from what other people have accepted in their cultures

Afterward, youths saw the super stars’ body then compared themselves with them. So they started an intensive competition with themselves and others in order to be more similar to the super stars. They tried to get nearer to Hollywood standards beauty by surgical operation

This process which has started at 1970s, now is prevailing and globalizing more than before through the spread of the usage of mass media such as satellite channels and internet. Nowadays the standard beauty in the world changed to an identical thing which is the similarity to Hollywood super stars and one who is far from this standard, concentrates his or her endeavor on achieving those standards by various and expensive efforts. All these efforts impose high expenses on families. Meanwhile, these efforts make drug, cosmetics, and western clothes market brisk and huge money that is earned by them

The important thing is that the Hollywood standards are introduced and spread in the world as a standard beauty very fast, while the real appearance of those who has become a criterion of beauty are absolutely far from what they are shown in the movies and favorite TV Series, in fact they do not exist in real world

Many abnormalities in clothing, behaviors, way of living, and people communication become a huge disaster in present societies. If nobody prevents these disasters, it will lead to a cultural and social transformation in few years later. This transformation makes people a group of infantry who perform western policy in their country. In this way a good condition will be prepared to destroy and decline the society from inside and outside



World War Z”, A brief review – part 2“

part 1

In this movie, Israeli soldiers are the peacekeeping troops who may be in danger by zombies at any moment. They are the protectors of the Jew’s Jerusalem and the refugee Muslims. Interestingly, they are the brave soldiers who fight with zombies to death

Then, the peaceful people in that square, some holding Israel’s flag and some holding Palestine’s flag, start singing a hymn in Hebrew calmly and peacefully and  they enjoy their happiness in an intimate environment. Jews are practicing their own rituals and Muslims are praying together. A casually dressed Jewish girl, face to face with a veiled Muslim girl, are singing a Hebrew peace hymn

Arab Muslims welcome peace and take refuge in Israel and under the shelter of this land’s tranquility they are filled with joy

At the moment, a helicopter passes over the crowd with the camera that shows the view of the other side of the tall security walls where the zombies are moving towards the walls but hindered by the big West Bank barrier

Zombies are sensitive to the noise and it stimulates and attracts them to the center of the noise. The loud noise of the peace party stimulates them and leads to their insane attack to the walls. Scattered zombies climb up each other’s head and body and make a hill of zombies so far that its height reaches the height of the walls quickly and pour into Jerusalem. Jerusalem falls, too. The huge number of zombies and their blitz and fast attack leaves no place for resistance

In the meantime, only a slim boy and a frail old man are not attacked. It appears as if zombies don’t see them. Gerry sees these scenes while he is on the run

The hand of the Israeli female soldier who is responsible for protecting Gerry and is escorting him to the airport, gets bitten by one the zombies and Gerry cuts off her hand immediately to prevent her from becoming a zombie

This woman accompanies Gerry till the end of the story. They can reach the plane just before it takes off. Gerry looks out the window and sees Jerusalem and Dome of the Rock surrounded by bloodshed and smoke and is attacked by zombies and the last defense fort is also collapsed by the zombies

Now, Gerry is sitting on the last plane, along with homeless and wandering Jewish refugees that could take off before zombies attacked the airport while they along the pilot have no clear destination. This scene is repeatedly depicted on condition of Jewish refugees in other movies in different ways

After treating the wound of Jewish female soldier, Gerry goes over the scenes of zombies’ attack and a few people who haven’t been targeted by zombies in his mind and figures the zombies weak points

According to the guidance of a UN agent he goes to Wales, to the world health organization and its equipped laboratories, where the doctors of one ward themselves have become zombies

The researchers are studying zombies. They know that bullets don’t stop them but there is also no other way but to shoot them in the head. There, Gerry examines his hypothesis. He has already realized that those who haven’t been targeted by zombies, are the patients suffering from Typhus, Meningitis and so on. Therefore, he injects the microbes of these diseases into himself and realizes that his method works and he passes the zombies without being seen

In this way, zombies realize that those who are infected by these diseases are dying and therefore they do nothing to them

Soon, the vaccines that are made using this method are distributed all over the globe as a camouflage and a shield against zombies, and a few remaining people in the world, are vaccinated and start confronting and killing the zombies

Then a huge pile of dead zombies are shown that bulldozers are gathering and setting them on the fire

! At this point someone anonymous says: It’s settled! It’s over with! There’s no forgiveness in hell! Whatever goes to hell, stays in hell

Then, Gerry is the narrator who says: If you can fight, fight! Help each other, be prepared for anything

And the last sentence which is the most amazing one is uttered at the end of the story: Our war has just begun

Although the character of “zombies” is a repeated theme that has been used in several movies such as: “Resident Evil”, “I am Legend”; and PC games such as “Call of Duty”, the “World War Z” for the first time, transforms the wild zombies who have no identity that are created in the research center and occupied the U.S. in the “Resident Evil”, to the zombies who have identity and occupy the world by their astonishing fast growth

The last remaining city is Jerusalem and the last defense forts are the security walls made by Israelis. The movie reveals its intent very soon, zombies are the Muslims who are progressing and conquering the strongholds of the world quickly while the last fort they still couldn’t capture is Israel that due to the Jewish ethnic sentiment, the Jews are the only grandchildren of the Isaiah and zombies cannot conquer them

What does the movie intend to convey by depicting this quick spread? During the recent years, uncontrollable wave of conversion to Islam among the citizens of the U.S. and Europeans has terrified Zionists and colonial countries. Maybe the quick spread in the movie refers to this contagious wave of people converting to Islam

The Israeli army shelter particular Muslims who come to them in the movie and they sing the  peace hymn together with Muslims and wave the flags of Israel and Palestine while dancing, so that these refugee Muslims don’t turn into violent zombies. In the entire movie, however, it is impossible to ignore the anti-Zionist identity of zombies and the constructions such as the security walls and it is impossible to consider any identity for zombies other than being Muslims

The movie mustn’t be even watched from any viewpoint other than that of a Zionist or it will be nothing but an imaginary movie that a part of it is recorded in Jerusalem

But, from a Zionist point of view, what is the virus that has captured the world quickly and no one has the resisting power against it while it is going  to take Jerusalem out of their hand soon

Beside the event of sending Jews to Nazis concentration camps, 1972 Munich Massacre and the 1973 Arab–Israeli War (also known as Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War) , what would be the next threat to Israel which made them build the security walls around Jerusalem

? Who are these people that bullets have no power to stop them? Who wants to conquer Jerusalem in the real world

What is the role of the security walls in Israel and why they are so similar to forts in the movie? Why have people been building walls in this land since 2000 years ago

? Why is the plane carrying the Jewish people, as the last means of rescue, again wandering aimlessly and has no clear destination

? What is the war that has just begun according to the last sentence in the movie

These questions can help us in solving the puzzle behind the movie. It would be useful to refer to the Quran and study some similarities

 : The Verse 14 of Sura Al-Hashr [59:14] says

They will not fight against you all together except in fortified cities, or from behind walls

: Also the Verse 7 of Sura Al-Isra reads

 “So when the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power.”  (17:7)

From now on, they are looking for a way to hide from the eyes of zombies, and the next time, after their failure, by recognizing the weakness of zombies, destroy them once and for ever

Passing the security walls reminds a critic of the vehicles crossing the walls of the Zion city in the “Matrix Trilogy”. Anyway, in the category of imaginary “Apocalyptic” movies, the aggression against Israel and Zionists is being depicted during the recent years. Unlike, “Matrix” and other movies which finally show the Zion (the Mount Zion) as the last remaining city of mankind, the “World War Z” frankly and openly depicts Jerusalem as the last city of mankind which is under attack



World War Z, A brief review – part 1

Part 1

In Philadelphia, everything was as usual until suddenly the audience get surprised by the incursion of wild humans who are running quickly and attacking. It becomes clear that these men were infected by a certain type of virus and as a results have acquired inhuman characteristics. The name “zombie”, is a well-known name which has been used previously in several movies and games

Zombies attacked the people of Philadelphia and by biting them they make another zombie within 12 seconds. The duration of transformation of the humans into the zombies is so fast that there is no time for any reaction or running away

The leading man of the movie, Gerry Lane, is a former investigator of the United Nations who has spent many years of his life in the countries which are involved it war and conflict, but for dealing with his family issues and the problem he faced in his job in the UN, he left the job forever

Soon, the audience will encounter a world that is captured by zombies and Gerry Lane, the investigator of the UN is summoned for the service because of his specialty. The service which is beyond his personal problems with the UN, thus immediately he accepts the cooperation with the UN

His dependence on the United Nations evokes the sense of being neutral and independent in the viewers

He leaves Philadelphia for Newark, New Jersey where he and his family are taken to the aircraft carrier far from the coast by rescue helicopters. There, a deal is offered to him: if he accepts to cooperate with an epidemiologist and his secret team in finding the patient “zero”,  i.e. the first person who has caught the disease, he and his family members can be safe forever on the aircraft carrier. Then he gets on the military helicopter to go to South Korea

He is clearly investigating how the virus was created and how it is spread all over the globe.  South Korea, is the first place where the existence of the zombies has been reported, but there is no significant point in South Korea, except a weapon dealer who had a connection with the CIA and had been selling weapons to the North Korea, and now he is apprehended by the UN soldiers. The dialogue between Gerry Lane and him may be the  summary of the movie when Gerry asks

 Man: They sell the virus to all of their advocates

? Gerry: Why’d you sell guns to the North Koreans

 ? Man: Why not

? Gerry: Are they surviving this

 Man: Indeed they are

 Gerry: Using your guns

 Man: Guns are useful; they have influence

? Gerry: How then

Man pulls off the last remained tooth in his mouth with difficulty from the root and says: They took the anatomical power of zombies, they beat all 23 millions in less than 24 hours

 The greatest feat of social engineering in history. It’s brilliant. No teeth, No bite, No great spread

 Gerry: Bullshit

? Man: Why do you have to burn them to ashes to get them to finally stop

? Why do they move like a plague? Why is the Israel winning

? Gerry: How is Israel winning

 Man: They sealed off their entire country. Days before the zombies attacked men

 First to know, first to act

Gerry: People have been building walls there for two millennia

Man: Yes, that’s over, all those thousands of years of work finished a week ago. Impeccable timing is all

Then he introduces Jurgen Warmbrunn to Gerry to meet him in the Jerusalem and find his answer

Warmbrunn thought the cause of erecting the wall was a rumor at first, but when he investigated the matter, he found out that it was true. He heard about zombies in a communiqué by Indian army for the first time

On the way of visiting the Israeli West Bank barrier in Jerusalem, he tells Gerry that Jews never anticipated  that they might end up in Nazis force labor camps in 1930 or might get massacred in the 1972 Olympic games or even they didn’t believe the Arabs’ war against Israel in 1973, although they  had observed  the Arabic armies movements

But this time, learning from the possible dangers, Warmbrunn, a Mossad employee of high rank, detects this danger, builds the West Bank barrier of Jerusalem as a way out of to save Israel

Then, he takes Gerry to a house, to see the security walls of Jerusalem form its window.  High walls and strong constructions which are as strong as the current west bank barrier in the occupied Palestine

These are the way out and the solid walls of Jerusalem, two of the most secured ramparts of Israel, Warmbrunn says

? Watching the people who have Islamic and Arabic appearances enter the city, Gerry asks: Do you allow people to enter

Every person we save is one less zombie to fight, Warmbrunn says

... be continued

part 2


Muhammad (PBUH) and idea of brotherhood

Muhammad (PBUH) and idea of brotherhood

Karen Armstrong, English author and researcher is born in 1944. This Christian scholar was a catholic Monk for 7 years, and then she enrolled in Oxford University in 1369. She is an expert in religion and she has released 12 books about Comparative religion

While his world view is based on Christianity and western rationalism, she always has tried to study religions as a researcher. Armstrong attempted to find and link the joint foundation of Semitic religions which it is clear in his different Literature. She is the writer of selling books such as “A history of God”, “Islam: A Short History”, “Buddha

The book “Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet” that is written by her, published a month after 11 September and became the best selling of The United States. His new Islamic book “Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time” published in 2006

: She has mentioned in his book Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet

Muhammad wasn’t an invulnerable Saint. He lived in a wild and violent society and he had to be under strict conditions to advance his goals, the conditions which today people who live in a safe society, even cannot image that …. Muhammad had received both spiritual and political gift from God while these subjects do not fit together. He believed that all people who believe are responsible for creating a healthy society based on fair and justice….. He was very gentle, passionate, flexible, honest and compassionate”

The researcher and philosopher of Islam then praise Muhammad in the following

During centuries in west, we have tried to introduce Muhammad as a rough, cruel militant and selfish politician whereas he was a Passionate and compassionate man insofar as he refused to hurt animals

“Doubtless, Muhammad showcased the idea of brotherhood in his behavior at the highest level… day by day he became more popular among his people, people who were comfort and happy Despite the constant threat of enemies. Muhammad disliked making a gap between him and his people by determining rough and one-way conditions. In no way, he didn’t like to be praised by aristocratic and admiration titles. He always was modest and simple and he often tried to sit among poorest people