Fashion Victim

The extension of modernity in West and its gradual or sometimes hasty spread all over the world caused the culture of modernization and innovations institutionalize in social values. This influences on all aspects of human life little by little, from type of clothing to common people’s literature. This characteristic of modernism was followed by a new territory which is interpreted as fashion victim

Western societies have been the motherland and the manifestation of modernity and modernism. The process of modernization and spreading new plans and fashions are being done by West orientating and westernization in other places such as third world countries especially those countries which are religious. So nowadays we should say fashion victim is one of the most primary ways to implant western life style in human through the media industry and propaganda

The important point is this that the scale of the promotion and normalization of fashion has been spread in such a way which fashion victim has become not only an inseparable part of modern human’s life, but also has produced a huge income for those who involved in this industry. This industry has become so powerful whose fashion designers not only are effective on their followers’ manner by propaganda and make them to follow their products, but also they have earned billions of dollars and even have influenced on global macro policy

Now we show an example to illustrate how people’s manner is changed and adapted by the patterns which actives produce in this industry, and consider the depth of the influence of media on promotion of fashion and fashion victim

Studies shows that 1960s is considered as a period which the standards of fashion victims evolved fundamentally. In this period Barbie doll was introduced as the symbol of fashion victim and a pattern for young girls in the world. Unfortunately this doll which has become a popular toy all over the world is made based on the characteristic, the body, and the face of a German slut

Regarding to the standards of this doll and the long term effect on the children who played with this seemingly toy, Hollywood gradually started to use those famous super stars that were look like to the doll in order to promote new luxury life style. This process continued so far which the beauty was defined according to what Hollywood had introduced. Hollywood was deciding who is beautiful or ugly through the standard life style which introduced to the world, while this beauty was different from what other people have accepted in their cultures

Afterward, youths saw the super stars’ body then compared themselves with them. So they started an intensive competition with themselves and others in order to be more similar to the super stars. They tried to get nearer to Hollywood standards beauty by surgical operation

This process which has started at 1970s, now is prevailing and globalizing more than before through the spread of the usage of mass media such as satellite channels and internet. Nowadays the standard beauty in the world changed to an identical thing which is the similarity to Hollywood super stars and one who is far from this standard, concentrates his or her endeavor on achieving those standards by various and expensive efforts. All these efforts impose high expenses on families. Meanwhile, these efforts make drug, cosmetics, and western clothes market brisk and huge money that is earned by them

The important thing is that the Hollywood standards are introduced and spread in the world as a standard beauty very fast, while the real appearance of those who has become a criterion of beauty are absolutely far from what they are shown in the movies and favorite TV Series, in fact they do not exist in real world

Many abnormalities in clothing, behaviors, way of living, and people communication become a huge disaster in present societies. If nobody prevents these disasters, it will lead to a cultural and social transformation in few years later. This transformation makes people a group of infantry who perform western policy in their country. In this way a good condition will be prepared to destroy and decline the society from inside and outside