It is the way of salvation from the death in which a Muslim according to the Prophet’s Hadith" 

"is considered as a pagan if he is not aware of the Imam of his Era

:The Holy Prophet said

.“Anyone dies without knowing his Imam, in fact has died has died living a pagan life"

Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 23, p.76

:Acquainting oneself with the Imam of each era has two branches

1.(Knowing his birth information (name, title, father's name, place of birth, year of birth

2. Getting to know all the traits, and characteristics of Imam Mahdi’s Imamate, Reappearance 

signs, pre- and post-emergence events, his holy government, people’s tasks in the occultation, 

.......Raj’a (Second coming) and 

Mekyal al Makarem, volume 1

How much knowledge do we have toward our Imam? Are we faithful or just Muslims? God willing we are not considered as causes which have been mentioned so far or will be mentioned later